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Book Cover Dena Nicotra Remember Me

Remember Me is the first book in the Weaver Series.

If you could change the events of time, what would you have to worry about...besides consequences?

There’s a special group of individuals charged with guarding the threads of life. While some fight for the darkness, others must guard the light. Weavers not only travel through time, they turn it.

Joey is a nineteen-year-old girl from rural Arkansas who has inherited a very special metaphysical gift. Although she keeps it to herself, she has an ability to change things. Threading events to ensure outcomes are more desirable, her life near the bayou is normal for the most part. That changes when she begins to hear an enchanting male voice in her head. He tells her he needs her help. Before she finds him, she will have to trust him. She’s not even sure he’s mortal, but one thing is certain, he is the instrument that will change her life, forever.


Dark Weaver is book two in the Weaver Series.

Romance mixes with magic and mystery in Dark Weaver. Jo has inherited a very special gift for manipulating time and changing events. These abilities are reserved for Weavers -- a select group of beings that exist unbeknownst to ordinary folks. Weavers guard the light and dark threads of life by spinning alternate events, or entirely new events in the lives of those who need it.

This responsibility has existed since the beginning of time itself, and it’s one she is still trying to get the hang of. Things are not always what they seem, and when her past mixes with the present she will face the darkness with a new perspective.


Menders is the final book in the Weaver Series.

Jo has had to bend time itself to hold her relationship together, but not even her master weaving abilities can stop what she is facing now. War between the dark and light weavers is inevitable and old enemies are closing in. People she loves have gone missing, and Jo will have to fight harder than she ever has to save them. The dark threads are more twisted than she thought possible, but she's not one to step away from a fight. Even if it means facing her biggest fears.

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