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From Time-Weaving to Synthetic Humans...and Everything In-between

If you enjoy YA paranormal fantasy fiction, the Weaver Series takes you along for a time-bending journey through the eyes of Joey, a nineteen-year-old girl from rural Arkansas. There's plenty of love, loss, and lessons along the way. Torn between dark and light threads, Joey must find a way to unravel things. To do this she must focus on one truth: Love keeps us safe, makes us complete - whole. Everything happens for a reason and behind every reason... there is a Weaver. 

The Weaver Series.jpg

If you prefer something (way) grittier, things get real with the Simp Series. Set in a future that is the ultimate demise of one-click comfort zones. Too much dependence on tech led to an unexpected war. The synthetic humans turned on their masters, hunting them down. Hailey "Lee" Pachello relies on herself because to her, that's easier, less dramatic, and safer. She doesn't do people. That is until she meets Leanard "Gizzard" O'Malley. Giz has connections and a plan. 

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